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SMS Connect is a leading provider of Bulk SMS services & Marketing SMS services in India. SMS Connect has been providing SMS based services for over 8 years. SMS Connect is provider for customized SMS solutions, with clients ranging from big Corporate and Multi-National Companies, Small retail vendors and even individuals and students.

Nowadays rarely can we spot someone without a mobile phone. People are either talking over a mobile phone, or drafting/reading SMS, playing games, listening music, taking photos/videos, browsing net etc, thus making it an inevitable part of modern life.

Promotional bulks sms is one of the most effective way of promoting ones own business.one can send mass messaging with single click with less cost.This serves the needs of small companies to multinational companies.

Transactional Bulk sms is useful for sending sms to DND and NON DND Numbers. Its serves the needs of Schools, Colleges , Financial Services , Stock market etc. Trasactional Bulk SMS service is available only for opt in customers. Used for sending or passing the Information Internally with in the company employees, Schools, Colleges , Banks etc.

Send a generic message to all recipients With our scalable and robust interface, you can send thousands of Bulk SMS messages per second based on your business needs. Schedule messages to go at a particular date & time, or setup recurring campaigns.

Nobody wants to waste time with complicated software, our bulk sms gateway provides you with a user friendly easy application useful for sending mass sms, Sending your first sms Campaign with our web-based application won't take you more than 15 minutes.

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