SEO – Which literally called as Search Engine Optimization, in simple words it can be expressed as a technique used to boost more number of visitors to website. To build a optimized website SEO need intact Keywords, ideal content, tags, URL structures, mobile friendly etc.


* International Search Optimization
* National Search Engine Optimization
* Local Search Optimization


SEM – Search engine marketing which has the correlation between marketing & SEO. In simple words it can be expressed as internet marketing through paid & unpaid version. SEM is implemented through Ads like Google Ads, Bing Ads & some more.

SMO- Social media optimization is creating hype & exposure for certain individual, products and brands through social media.

SMM – Social media marketing is the one where the contents, videos, photos are shared with social media tool using payment method. For each post charges are applicable to cover over all audience. (FB, INSTA, TWITT).

Google Analytics - Where you can see all your website activities like Reports, Ranking, clicks, Visitors, Keyword search, usage, number of views, session duration, website traffic, Behavior etc. it will help to improve website activity and to analysis the competitor strategy.

Webmaster – as the name itself pacifies the meaning a webmaster is a proficient person who can manage one or more websites and support all other website activities like piloting computer servers and technical programming.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is plays overwhelming in digital marketing, promoting & advertisement the products through email. it is more faster, cost-effective, flexible, user friendly.

Mobile marketing – In this modern stage as all we know how mobiles phones are taking part in our life as in marketing mobile phone plays a vital role by reaching the customers on their hands through Email, SMS, MMS, website etc.

Content marketing – some people love to read books now books are transformed into e-books but when you are comparing the books & e-books only one thing remains same for a decades that is the “content”. Content are always peerless which focused on creating, publishing and distributing for certain online audience.

How apple infoway differs from others on Digital Marketing?

1. In digital marketing the most important thing is strategy we always prefer student’s new strategy to work on their own digital marketing projects.
2. We always train the students to write a unique content.
3. Will let the students to implement the artificial intelligent.

“IIT experts will teach you digital marketing sessions”